haber yem ve gida kongresi 260416 hrToros Terminal 5. Global Feed and Food Congress Attracted Strong Attention

The congress, where Toros Terminal was one of the attendees as well, was hosted by Feed Producers Association of Turkey (Türkiyem-Bir). The congress was organized by International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) and European Feed Manufacturers Association acted as the assistant organizer role. At the congress, where around 60 speakers attended, sustainability, markets and commerce, global legislation and facilitation of feed trade were discussed. At the congress where approximately 1000 visitors attended, Toros Terminal’s stand drew strong interest from visitors. Deputy Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Mehmet Daniş, Feed Producers Association of Turkey President Ülkü Karakuş and International Feed Industry Federation Chairman Joel Newman were among the visitors of Toros Terminal stand.