acente hizmetleri

Agency Services
Toros Tarım supports the terminal services it offers at Ceyhan and Samsun port facilities with various port services towards meeting needs of ships, with 24 hours continuous working principle and modern equipment, in line with international standards.

Toros Tarım, through its subsidiary Toros Gemi Acenteliği ve Ticaret A.Ş., offers agency service to ships using Ceyhan and Samsun Terminals. The mentioned company provides agency service for all of Toros Tarım’s ships transporting raw materials, product fertilizer and grains for its own production and commercial activities. The ships transporting third party cargo, may also receive agency services through Toros Gemi Acenteliği ve Ticaret A.Ş. on voluntary basis.

Agency services are carried out via secondary agencies resident at İskenderun, Mersin and Samsun under the supervision of central office at Istanbul. While this service used to be offered by Toros Tarım previously only at Ceyhan Terminal, it has been extended to include Samsun Terminal following permit from Undersecretariat of Maritime in 2006.

At Toros Ceyhan and Samsun Terminals, outside refueling, entire services that ships shall require during docking and within the period they remain berthed, are offered to clients.