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Toros Ceyhan Harbour
Ceyhan Terminal, at the northern shore of İskenderun Gulf, and approximately at 30 km distance to Ceyhan has entered service as part of Toros Fertilizer Plant in 1981. The terminal has started to provide transit liquid cargo terminal service to third parties following the construction of first oil storage tanks in 1984 and subsequently in 1990 with the completion of modern facility investments for dry bulk cargo, it has become one of the largest ports of Turkey handling bulk dry cargo and general cargo. To store the bulk dry cargos and general cargos that shall be handled from these piers, inside and outside terminal field open&closed storage rooms and warehouses at different capacities are offered to the use of clients.

The Terminal’s close proximity to GAP region, and location at an easily accessible point with Tarsus-Adana-Gaziantep (TAG) Highway link and over the busiest transit passageway in Mediterranean Region offers a critical advantage to users in terms of location and logistics. The terminal, thriving and growing each year with new industrial investments, is also neighboring Toros Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone (TAYSEB). “Ceyhan Energy Zone “ announced in Ceyhan, shall turn the zone, where Toros Ceyhan Terminal is located into an “ Energy Resources Storage and Transit Region” in international scale.

Toros Ceyhan Terminal PFSO Port Facility Security Officer: Mehmet Pusat

Toros Ceyhan Harbour
Ceyhan Port Facility Dangerous Goods Guidebook