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Bulk Liquid Cargo Handling
Toros Ceyhan Terminal has the facilities to provide unloading, loading and storage service for bulk liquid cargo, from fuel and oil products to numerous liquid product groups including vegetable oil and various liquid substances. All the tanks at the facility have been positioned to facilitate storage and loading of bulk liquid products that shall arrive via sea or land. It is also possible to perform blending among tanks apart from transfer services.

Toros Samsun Terminal accommodates in total 20 storage tanks of 97,368 m3 volume to meet liquid chemical raw material need; 32 ammonia tanks of approximately 40,000 m3 volume, 8 phosphoric acais tanks of 24,756 m3 volume and 9 sulphuric acid tanks of 32,612 m3 volume. All tanks are connected to pier-2 with pipelines.