hakkimizda toros terminal

Among Toros Agri’s non-agricultural operations, terminal operation is the largest business arm. The pier constructed by the firm in 1981 for its own logistic needs, has started to provide service to third parties due to its convenient geographical location and that day’s external trade conditions, hence a new area of operation has emerged within the group.

Toros Ceyhan Terminal has become one of the two largest casting and general cargo port, servicing at İskenderun Bay. The fact that the region is turning into a transit energy storage, handling and transition center, and gaining a robust road and railroad infrastructure, growing industrial and commercial investments in the regions remaining in the service hinterland of the region and the cities, create a strong outlook that terminal operation business arm shall grow further in the future.

Toros Agri has strengthened its existence in port sector, which has a significant potential following transfer of Samsun Terminal to Toros Agri in 2005 along with Samsun Fertilizer Factory and has been one of the most important players in this sector.The company is acting in line with the target to develop new investments that shall contribute to added value for both terminals.

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