hakkimizda toros tarim

Tekfen Agri-industry Group, which includes numerous number of services and activities and focuses on agricultural operations, is the largest private institution in the sector based on its business volume, product/service range and market share. The Group’s umbrella company is Toros Agri Industry and Trade Co. Inc., one of the largest 60 industrial companies in Turkey.

Since 1981, its start of operations, to date, Toros Agri, which sees the development of agriculture in Turkey in general as a multi-directional process and adopts taking an active role in this process as a policy, provides agricultural inputs to Turkish farmer at the outset in fertilizer production and marketing, in seed, techno-agriculture and seedling areas. Toros Agri has the largest share in installed total production capacity share in Turkey as the market leader in fertilizer segment. The company distributes it products to farmers all around Turkey throigh its 7 regional directorates, product warehouses of 550 thousand tons capacity and over 1,200 retailers spread to the remotest corner in Turkey. Having a strong logistic infrastructure plays a critical role in Toros Agri’s maintaining its effective role in the market.

Toros Agri’s other operations unrelated to agriculture such as terminal operator, bag production, fuel distribution, free zone operator and energy production constitute the group’s business areas of complementary nature.

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