haber utikad samsun 210214 hrSamsun shall be Black Sea’s Logistic Base

Board of Directors February meeting of Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers (UTİKAD) was held at Samsun under the chairmanship of Turgut Erkeskin. UTİKAD Delegation visited Samsun Transportation Regional Manager Davut Aslanpayı and Central Black Sea Duty and Commerce Regional Manager Serkan Işık during Samsun visit. During the talks increasing significance each day of the location of the city, planning to realize 6 Billion USD export target by 2023 by using robust air, sea, land connections and railroad advantage, in Black Sea region and international commerce and the city’s, was discussed.

Besides Samsun port Turgut Erkeskin and board members met Yeşilyurt and Toros port authorities and shared their opinions and thoughts on the port investments in the region and Samsun’s logistic future.

Erkeskin, who delivered assessments on the ongoing works at Samsun, whose importance is increasing with its wide hinterland at Black sea shore, stated that Samsun should be a critical logistic base at Black sea with the regional advantages and ongoing investments.

Erkeskin underlined that Samsun’s importance is gradually increasing in commerce at Black sea and commented “ Particularly joint projects with a large and developed Russian port such as Novorossisk, supporting Mersin-Samsun railroad link with special tariffs, links that shall be built between Samsun, Köstence and Batum, shall turn Samsun into a logistic base of Black sea.

Turgut Erkeskin, drawing attention to the logistic advantages of Samsun at Black sea, has emphasized that it shall create important business opportunities for producers and exporters, and made these following comments: “ We have seen that following new investments at Samsun Port and weekly service of 3 regular container lines, industrial production investment started to shift towards Samsun. We think it is beneficial for our producers and exporters to shift their investments to Samsun in light of the region’s logistic advantages. ”

Turgut Erkeskin stating that Samsun Port, Yeşilyurt Port and Toros Tarım Ports have made a very significant contribution to the city’s logistic development commented that “ Samsun port offers wide range of facilities for handling almost every kind good with its grain, bulk cargo, project cargos, container cargo, Ro-Ro and train-ferry services. The port’s railroad link is a very important feature in enhancing logistic ability. Samsun port constitutes an ideal example for the assessment of the benefits of port privatization. Samsun airport, on the other hand is ideal as an important air transportation hub with its idle and wide range of storage facilities.”