hakkimizda sec

Toros Terminal, adopting use of its know-how and expertise to meet the need of its clients and employees as main principle, continues its activities in a manner respecting environment protection awareness and human life. The company acts during its entire activities taking into account employees, clients and occupational safety, environmental effects and quality standards for the society to whom it belongs. The objective is to attain quality that can be sustained in an efficient and sound manner, and client satisfaction.

Health, Security and Environment (SEÇ) are issues not only emphasized and followed by workplace employees but also the management at Toros Terminal. Toros Terminal, as an institution, who has set a target to be always a pioneer and the best in its area, seeks to provide accident-free, secure and healthy environments for its employees. While accepting zero accident principle at its workplace, it adopts that all injuries, occupational illnesses, safety and environment breaches are avoidable. Pursuant to occupational safety management, it regularly performs all kinds of essential training, risks analysis and emergency plans stipulated by law.

Toros Terminal carries out its operations with great care by aside from applying the requirements imposed by the laws, avoiding pollutions of seas, water resources and environmental ecosystems. At Toros Terminal all processes are always analyzed and improved in line with the best global practices.

Toros Ceyhan Terminal ISPS code certificate no: 2901121

Toros Samsun Terminal ISPS code certificate no: 1155157